Features of Boutique Lodging That Business Travelers Especially Enjoy

Many business travelers prefer to stay in suites in a Boutique Hotel for the various advantages of this option. Sometimes this means staying in a historic building that has been renovated to include modern innovations but that still retains much of its original character.

Personalized Atmosphere

Business travelers commonly don’t spend a lot of time in the hotel, since they are busy with meetings and going out for meals with current and prospective clients. When they do want to settle in and relax, however, they like the personalized atmosphere of boutique hotels.

The concept of today’s smaller, more personalized hotel has only been around for a few decades. It seems to have arisen in response to demand from travelers who were tired of huge chains that were becoming increasingly generic. People interested in starting an independent hotel may have looked at the booming popularity of bed and breakfast inns, and have seen a new niche they could start creating.


Some boutique lodging has compact rooms, but those seeking regular business travelers like to provide bigger spaces. Those individuals sometimes work on contract in a city for several weeks, and they want to feel like this is their home away from home. They enjoy the spaciousness of a suite or even an apartment rather than a floor plan in which everything except the bathroom is in one big room.

Distinctive Characteristics

Independent boutique lodging businesses are easily able to distinguish themselves from other types of places where guests stay for a night or longer. Without the sheer number of rooms common in the biggest chains, staff members can devote more attention to each individual guest or group staying in a suite or apartment.


Not every boutique establishment has a restaurant in the building, but guests are nearly always assured of fine food being available within walking distance. If they are staying in the area over a weekend when they don’t have to focus entirely on business, they may want to go to a restaurant a bit further away and sample something different.

Technology and Hospitality

A report from Forbes magazine predicts a bright future for these types of lodging establishments. A combination of 21st Century technology along with old-fashioned hospitality is very appealing to people who want homey comfort and delicious food as well as wireless Internet access. Those located in an urban center, such as Treasury on Collins in Melbourne, are able to provide guests with an enormous number of amenities throughout the neighborhood.

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